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The interdisciplinary publication He Rourou draws together the work of both Tech Futures Lab and The Mind Lab and is published semiannually and bilingually.

He Rourou is open access and aims to celebrate and share the work of our students, staff and partners. Often the voices missing from the knowledge base are of the teachers and innovators who are deeply grounded in the day-to-day of their practice.

He Rourou aims to acknowledge this by providing an output for practitioner-based knowledge and research.




A Tech Futures Lab community meet-up | Conversations to create impactful futures

Converge is open to all involved and connected to Tech Futures Lab, from present and past students across all programmes, advisors and moderators, industry experts and speakers and staff. It’s an ideal place to have robust discussion amongst a group of curious, open-minded critical thinkers to get feedback, ask questions, seek input or hear alternative viewpoints. It's non-hierarchical and democratised; everyone (and no one) is both teacher and learner. And it’s completely free.

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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022): He Rourou
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